Working Without Borders

Co-working RETREATS for families

We make it super easy for families to live temporarily in amazing destinations.

Our family-based travel programs enable parents and their kids to learn, grow, and make friends in the most inspiring locations on the planet. 

We invite you, and yours, to join us on a journey that will invigorate your life. 

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raising global citizens

We are a community for parents who want to spend part of each year living, working, and studying abroad with their kids. We are a home for those who love to travel internationally, value meaningful human connection, and want to make a difference. 

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We focus exclusively on life-changing 1- to 4-week journeys for small groups of families. During the days, you can work comfortably on your projects in next-gen co-working spaces, alongside other professionals, while your children thrill to once-in-a-lifetime educational activities with locals.

In the evenings you’ll reunite, listening as your kids tell you their adventures. On weekends, explore your lush environment, discover authentic life-ways, or just relax as a family. 

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We provide a platform for co-working, cross-cultural experience, and connection. We also provide a safe framework of adventure for kids and teens, keeping them active and engaged during the daytime so you can get work done and have me- and we-time.

For sure, this is nothing like a package tour. We’ll give you a calendar filled with options, including unique cultural events, outdoor activities, and cocktail hours. But you’re largely on your own, free to interact as a family, working or playing to your hearts’ content.

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Why Travel With Us?

We are a B Corp that lines up everything parents need to give their family an extended experience of cultural immersion, stretching, learning and growing into new ways of being and engaging with the world. 

Our Philosophy

Our family camps blend productivity, community, education, and adventure in a culturally immersive experience designed to deepen your relationships and fuel your inspiration, creativity and drive.


Kids play and learn together, appreciating diversity and non-material joys. They experience an enriched day-to-day reality that deepens their empathy and firsthand knowledge of the planet.


The most fulfilling adventures are not handed to you on a silver platter. We help curate your activities, but it’s your journey to own, opening yourself and your children to new perspectives.


Spend quality time in an idyllic setting with other entrepreneurial, global citizens. Enjoy the creative vibe. Don't be surprised if you find yourself enjoying meaningful conversation with new friends.


Experience an optimized version of your life where spectacular sunrises and sunsets massage your soul. Where fitness and productivity go hand in hand. Where breakthrough ideas are guaranteed.


Our trips include more than pleasure; there is also purpose. Your family will have the chance to join together with others, as a team, to help restore coral reefs or save an endangered species.


Our trips are intended to help you catalyze lasting changes for yourself and your loved ones. Success means experiencing greater meaning, self-actualization and fulfillment, long after returning home.

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Glimpse what your life could be like working remotely from paradise with like-minded families. This could be the future you dreamt about but never thought could happen.