Working Without Borders is all about empowering families to share extraordinary cross-cultural experiences in a safe, responsible way. As we each do our part, we co-create a healthy, fun adventure for all.  

Here's what this means for participants in our retreats:

  1. WWB will help participants to understand and fulfill the country’s entry requirements, which may differ for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.

  2. The WWB team and local hosts are trained to operate in accordance with local Covid-19 protocols and will coordinate with parents to implement them within the group.

  3. Face coverings are optional, unless required by local regulations or a particular venue. We recommend participants wear face coverings while on shared transportation.

  4. Physical distancing is not required during indoor or outdoor activities unless mandated by the venue or local regulations. As much as possible, WWB will plan group activities in outdoor and open-air venues to minimize the chance of Covid-19 infection.

  5. If a participant begins to experience symptoms during a retreat, they will be asked to isolate at their accomodations and our local hosts will provide guidance on nearby medical facilities where they can seek further evaluation.

  6. Participants who test positive must self-isolate in accordance with local regulations.

  7. We will share with the community the names of individuals who test positive so that proper tracing can take place.

  8. Participants who come into close contact with a confirmed case may rejoin WWB activities once they provide negative test results.

As we’ve all experienced during the pandemic, sometimes plans change. So please understand these policies may change at any time due to the evolving circumstances.