Hearing the call to adventure?

Working Without Borders creates once-in-a-lifetime journeys for parents who are in the throws of raising kids. In fact, we co-create them together, helping you find what you’re looking for in the pursuit of freedom, meaning and growth for your family.

On each trip, we provide what you need to connect and collaborate comfortably: accommodations, co-working space, local experts, curated experiences, cultural workshops, and a diverse family-friendly community.


Our approach

Our travel experiences are custom-fit for family members who seek greater independence and mobility, getting work done while getting more from their time with significant others and kids.  Our adventures in co-working are crafted to jump-start you out of your routines and onto a new path in a beautiful, exotic location.  All supported by our Flexible Bookings policy. 

The goal is to experience what your life could be like working remotely from paradise. Your kids gain new perspectives by interacting with locals and expats. And you gain new inspiration and energy to tackle your projects with peak performance.



As you work productively and play wholeheartedly in paradise, you'll have plenty of opportunities to experience local culture. Spend evenings dining at the roulottes (food trucks) as the sun sets over the ocean. Enjoy happy hours at local eateries with so much character they will imprint themselves on your psyche and palate.

This can be your future, the one you dreamt of but never believed could happen: Living abroad for part of the year. Stress-free remote work. An adventuresome, family-centric lifestyle.