Hearing the call to adventure?

We're being highly intentional about where, when and why we organize retreats because so much effort goes into each one. Pricing often includes a donation towards scholarships so local kids from diverse backgrounds can participate in the youth programming alongside the visiting kids. 



what our retreats TYPICALLY include

We take care of the planning, so you don’t have to. We line up everything you need to work effectively while also experiencing the best of these special places with your family. 


From beach bungalows to high-rise apartments, the properties we book are vetted to ensure they're equipped with fast wifi.


A fully dedicated, in-the-know host who helps you feel like a local and assists with any questions or special requests that may arise while abroad.


Immersive, impactful youth programs in which visitors and locals are often together, sharing adventures and getting to know each other.


A calendar with lots of options, including unique cultural events, outdoor activities, cocktail hours, weekend excursions, and more.


An inspiring environment with high-speed wifi where you can be productive, get creative, and reimagine what’s possible.


A community of diverse families who share our core values of inclusiveness, kindness, camaraderie, personal growth, contribution, and adventure.  



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