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Cindy's Testament

In July 2022, Cindy McDermott spoke about her family's experience in the Working Without Borders program in Moorea.

Anica's Testament

Anica John shared insights about her family's experience doing WWB's month-long program in French Polynesia.

Rui & Natalia's Testament

Instead of a typical family vacation, Rui and Natalia De Figueiredo and their two teenage sons did a month-long WWB program.

Our Founder's Interview on HopeSparks

Join Hope Paterson as she and founder Sam Keller discuss how Working Without Borders offers experiences for parents to try remote work and new learning environments for their kids.

Our CEO's Interview on HeartSpeak

In this interview with Kate Stone of HeartSpeak, Sam dives into the experiences that Working Without Borders offers families.

Our Founder's Interview with AMIGOS CEO

In February 2023, our founder, Sam Keller, was interviewed by Sara Nathan, CEO of Amigos de las Americas. If you have kids in their middle school, high school or college years, you may want to check them out. AMIGOS could be one of the most formative things your kids ever do (as was the case for Sam!).

Sacred Valley Family Learning Adventure in Peru

This 2.5-minute video give a good sense of the highly-immersive, month-long family program that took place in Peru during the summer of 2023.

Info Session: Sacred Valley Family Learning Adventures in Peru (2024)

On September 28, 2023, an info session was held about the Sacred Valley Family Learning Adventures that will take place in Peru in the summer of 2024.

Info Session: Family Learning Adventure in Colombia's City of Eternal Spring (2024)

The info session highlighted a month-long family adventure in Medellín, Colombia, planned for 2024, focusing on cultural immersion, language learning, and family bonding in a vibrant, culturally rich environment.

Info Session: Sacred Valley Family Learning Adventures in Peru

Imagine if you will, a gathering of eager adventurers, all cozied up in their respective nooks of the world, eyes aglow with the digital sheen of a webinar. This isn't just any old info session, mind you. It's a thrilling digital escapade into the Sacred Valley Family Learning Adventure, a program that whisks families off to the Andes.

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