The kind of community we envision doesn’t come about by accident. It’s through commitment to the following values that we’re creating a welcoming space where peak experiences are realized and genuine, long-lasting friendships are made.


We value inclusiveness across the board, welcoming parents and kids of every gender preference, race, religion, body type, background and belief. We're open to everyone who digs these core values. 


We believe in building a supportive community for each other in all the places we experience. That means creating a safe, positive space where authentic communication and belonging are nurtured. 


We recognize that deep down everyone feels a need to grow, improve, or develop in some way, so we do our best to create environments that support our individual and collective efforts. 


We seek to live meaningful lives and know that means being of service. We understand that in the long run fulfillment doesn’t come from what we get, but who we become and what we contribute. 


We aim to be kind to ourselves, to each other, and to the planet that sustains us. We try to be role models for the youngsters among us, bringing our heart and soul while leaving our ego back home. 


We value the stimulation and education that comes from taking intelligent risks and getting outside our comfort zones. We don't cruise through life, we strive to live it fully and cherish each day.  


You’re a free-spirited parent who has reached a point in your life where you can let your kids out of your sight as long as you’re assured they’re safe. You place high value on the life-education of your children and time enjoyed with them.

You’re in a profession where you can work online and do your job from anywhere, at least for a week or so at a time. Or you have some vacation time coming and the freedom to try a new and exciting lifestyle in an exotic location with your family.

The daily office routine isn't always for you. But you don’t relish the isolation of working at home, or the distractions and limitations of working at a café. In your heart and soul, you long for something more socially engaged, to embark on a new life-adventure.

You’re intrigued by the notion of a “fourth space” for co-working and collaboration -- a community of freedom-loving world-travelers living and working around you, even as you each do your own thing, immersed in your online projects, conversing with colleagues across the globe. 

It’s all the more intriguing if that state-of-the-art workspace is nestled in a gorgeous, culturally-rich slice of paradise. You delight in meaningful conversations with like-valued people, fellow parents and professionals seeking an optimal work-life balance. You like exchanging insights and sharing experiences. You love the idea that your kids can play and learn together, enjoying the precious gift of experiencing a new culture, appreciating diversity and non-material joys.

For your children and yourself, you seek an enriched day-to-day reality that deepens your empathy, broadens your firsthand knowledge of the planet, and enhances your understanding of what’s possible in this life.


So let's afford our kids the gift of our care and attention in an amazing, soul-enriching place.

Let's co-create a global community that plays the game of life at a whole new level.

It’s time to grow, baby.


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