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Working Without Borders has been featured around the globe for our unique approach to empowering families to have more balance, growth and connection with themselves, nature, and the world. 



Keller says more resources exist now to help people learn about the digital nomad lifestyle, thanks to its growing popularity. Companies, like Working Without Borders, let families “dip their toes in the water.” 

Remote work changed their lives

Flexible work allowed Pascaline Cure of Airbnb to give her children experiences they’ve treasured. “I grew up internationally, so it’s an important part of who I am,” she said. “I hope my children will take this with them for the rest of their lives.”

workcations in 2022

Working Without Border offers specialized coworking retreats in French Polynesia specifically for families that include everything parents need to work along with culturally immersive programming for kids and teens.

Paradise calling

Working Without Border helps small groups of families experience working abroad by arranging living and workspaces with internet and educational programs for children and teenagers.

everything parents need

The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards remote work such that many of us can now give ourselves and our kids extended experiences of cultural immersion that cause us to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world. 

tahiti or an office? 

Working Without Borders is kid-friendly, so parents can work remotely while the kids experience educational activities. There's plenty of fun to be had as well, including surfing lessons, paddle-boarding, and rowing traditional Polynesian outrigger canoes. 

working from tahiti? yes, please

It sounds unbelievable, but when you really want to mix business with pleasure, you won’t find a better destination. And if there’s a better example of the workation concept than Working Without Borders, we haven’t seen it.

extended-stay workations

A San Francisco entrepreneur who moved his family to the South Pacific during the pandemic has developed a program connecting small groups of families, offering a variety of activities for both adults and kids. Families must apply for the program. 


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