By Sam Keller  -  October 1, 2020

As hard as it is to believe, the Pacific Ocean is larger than all land on Earth. And French Polynesia is way out in the middle. When you look at the globe from the perspective of French Polynesia, it looks almost entirely blue. 

French Polynesia consists of 118 islands spread over an expanse the size of Western Europe. There are only 280,000 people. 

Fortunately, these folks get along better than Americans do. Even if someone feels differently towards the President, you can still like them.  

More than anything, it's nice to be in a place where gratitude comes easy. When talking with locals, there is a tacit, and often explicit, acknowledgement that we are all fortunate just to be here. 

The challenge, of course, is to cultivate that frame of mind even when you are not in paradise.