By Sam Keller  -  October 15, 2020

Day 47 in Tahiti. 

Life has a new rhythm now. We wake up with the sunrise along with everyone else. Rush hour is at 6am. Breakfast for the kids involves baguettes and chocolate croissants. Lunch, served at school, often involves fish speared by the sports director. 

I keep waiting for someone to act like a jerk. Nearly two months on this island and yet every interaction has been pleasant, even when there is congestion on the road. It's as if no one knows how to be rude. 

Fiber optic cable was installed recently in our house. So now when we do a Zoom call, you'd think we're next door. There is also a co-working space nearby called Work'In Tahiti where we print and scan documents. 

Since we live on a hill on the northwest side of Tahiti, we constantly see clouds form over the island of Moorea. It's neat how the island itself, with its jagged mountains, causes the clouds to form. It's like a massive metaphor for how we, as humans, create our own gloom.

The island can't shake off the clouds, but if we're lucky, we can.