By Sam Keller  -  September 18, 2020

Day 19 in Tahiti. We're starting to go native. Less and less do we resemble tourists.

Now we concern ourselves with issues squarely for residents, like how to open a bank account, get a PO box, and qualify for the special discounts at the supermarket. 

Although many residents have a clothes dryer, we don't. So we're getting reacquainted with the art of hanging clothes on a clothesline. Did you know it can be incredibly relaxing if you have the right attitude?

That's something we notice about Tahiti: the mundane is often infused with the magical. I have been in rush-hour traffic only to find myself catching a glimpse of a view so sublime that my pulse quickens and my spirits skyrocket.  

Today I picked up my daughter from school. She led me by the hand to her favorite swing, a tire hung from a tree at the edge of the lagoon. She asked me to push her. I did. For five unexpected minutes, it was just me, her, the setting sun, and silhouettes of oarsmen rowing by in outrigger canoes. Father and daughter, both in heaven.