By Sam Keller  -  September 20, 2020

Last night we attended our first dinner party in Tahiti (on Day 22).

We were invited by one of the moms from school. We drove up to their gate shortly before 7pm. It opened to reveal a house with traditional Polynesian architecture: dark wood, high ceilings, open air design. A lit-up pool with an exercise bike in it was just outside the main living area. Beyond it was a deck built over the lagoon. 

That's where they laid out wine and beer, along with dishes like tuna sashimi, steamed shrimp, and couscous, on a round coffee table surrounded by curved outdoor couches. The kids ran around doing fake sword fights while the grown-ups sat down to converse. 

To my pleasant surprise, conversation included stories about recent experiences with dolphins, manta rays, and sea turtles. About wild, sparsely populated islands like the Marquesas. 

All of this was taking place as a bright orange sliver of moon was casting reflections on the lagoon and descending towards a sailboat anchored offshore (whose inhabitants were having a damn good time).  

Much of what was expressed in French passed over my head, sadly. But I'm learning. And I'm getting more comfortable being outside my comfort zone. 

A big part of life is learning how to take calculated risks. How to accurately estimate the benefits and potential costs. And then move forward even when you feel intimidated. We have got to build that muscle. That's the path to a fuller life.