By Sam Keller  -  September 23, 2020

As kids, we all love playing with Legos. We assemble the pieces into something cool, play with it for a while, then break it apart, using the pieces for our next creation.  

It's a lot like that with our bodies. The atoms forming our bodies used to be in many different creatures. And that's the destiny of our building blocks. It's as if Mother Nature likes to keep reassembling her Legos.  

Someday, you are going to look in the mirror and notice a white hair. It carries a helpful message. It's there to tell you that you are getting closer to the point when the Legos that make up your body will need to get redeployed. So, whatever dreams you have, you need to Get A Move On.  

Before the pandemic, I got white hairs at a slow enough rate that I could hear the message, say thank you very much, and then promptly pluck them out. But something changed when COVID-19 hit. They started coming faster and faster. The message got louder and louder, until I passed a threshold: I could no longer keep up with all the white hairs, nor keep putting off our dream of living abroad.  

As I write this, everyone is asleep. I am sitting by the pool on a warm night watching the moonset over the Pacific. We would not have made it here if it weren't for those little white hairs.  

When you see them on your own head, heed their call.